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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Blueberry cuppies for my nieces aqiqah

Blueberry cupcakes
These cuppies is for my nieces aqiqah. I choose purple theme this time.

White and purple.
The theme is inspired by ribbon.
The roses are arranged on the ribbon shaped cream. The jelly is also added to give more color to the decoration.


We are selling homemade choc for any occassion ; Hari Raya, birthday, as a present for your love ones..

Milk choc or dark choc with filling of strawberry, blueberry, mocha, choc, vanilla, lemon and mint...

Variety of shapes and colours...

Various size of packaging.

 Choc with oreo inside

price :
50pcs of choc (assorted filling) RM30
Please contact us for the price of choc for gift because in comes in different boxes and decoration

Interested??? strictly email us at

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Chocolate cuppies

Assalamualaikum my dear friends.. Just want to show my latest assignment here =). I completed these yesterday. Huhu got migraine & can't focus on decorating these 3 set orders. Fortunately, my lil sis tgh sem break n help me to deco. Balik jer dr office, take bath  then terus masuk dapo.. Completed my job almost at 12.00 a.m.. So, here is the results :)

Order from dya : Cuppies for her father n sis bday. Blue pink theme ... tq dya..

Order From Shazana from TTDI : Birthday + Engagement present to her friend. Garden theme. TQ for order ;)

Order from Wawa (Shazana office mate): Jelly cup katanye.. just for fun.

Well, TQ everybody for ordered dekat creamycupcake =). Alhamdulillah dapat settlekan this assignment even masa sangat singkat. InsyaAllah, I'll try all my best to improve my skills. Thanks for you all nyer support.


Welcome to Creamy Cupcakes.We are selling cupcakes, cakes, homemade chocolate and cookies for any occasion. Enjoy watching and eating! Below is the important links to help you guys.

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